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Phase III Cautiously Reopening




Due to COVID-19, Brazilian Waxing Co is implementing strict protocols to protect our guests, neighbors and estheticians to the best of our ability, while providing the waxing services we're all so past due for.  We greatly appreciate the cooperation of our guests during these challenging times.


If you have any questions, please email us at (or) text us at (773) 250-6929


  1. To help create a safe environment for our guests, Brazilian Waxing Co asks that you either bring a pair of UNWORN nitrile gloves with you (or) you can purchase a pair for $1 when you arrive. Gloves will be put on when entering the waxing room, not before.

  2. Guests will be required to wear a CLEAN mask, that secures around their ears, for the entirety of their appointment. If a guest arrives without a mask, we will kindly turn them away.

  3. Guests may not bring anyone other than themselves to their service appointment, including children. 

  4. To control the amount of people in the building at a given time, we are asking guests to text the spa upon parking/arriving. We will let you know when to buzz the doorbell and come up. To make this work it's imperative that every client arrives on time. TEXT (773) 250-6929

  5. As suggested by the City of Chicago's BACP we will have each guest complete an intake upon arriving. During the intake process, we will take the guest's temperature, arrival date/time, and have them verbally agree that they have not been sick in the past 14 days nor have they been around someone who was sick.

  6. Beverage and magazine services will be suspended.

  7. Booking future appointments: To limit the amount of time a guest is in the spa, we will not be rebooking guests in person. 

  8. Contactless greetings- As much as we would love to give our guests hugs and handshakes, at this time we will be refraining from doing so.

  9. If you have a scheduled appointment and start to feel ill or think you may have been exposed to someone who is sick we ask that you contact us and cancel your appointment or cancel online via your reservation confirmation email.

Due to the nature of our business we have always practiced rigid disinfection and sterilization measures and will continue to do so. 


  1.  Social Distancing – We are spacing our appointments with cleaning breaks between guests and bringing each guest up individually, thereby reducing the number of people entering/exiting the building to a maximum of 1 at a time to keep a safe distance.

  2. Estheticians will be required to wear gloves and a mask, and preferably a face shield, during each service. Gloves must be changed in between clients.

  3. Before and after each service, all tweezers and scissors are disinfected in Barbicide, then nuked in the Inotech Steri 250 Sterilizer at 250°C -- 482°F degrees.

  4. All facial waxing services (other than eyebrows and ears) will be discontinued until further notice. If you regularly wax your nose we strongly advise stopping that service until this health crisis is over, because your nose hair is an extra level of protection from breathing in pathogens.

  5. The wax pots, workstation, waxing table, door handles- (ie every touched surface) will be properly disinfected with Barbicide, a hospital grade EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant, before and after every guest.

  6. Disposable towels will be used in lieu of cloth towels.

  7. Disposable table coverings will used for each service.

  8. Washing and using hand sanitizer before and after each appointment.

  9. Optimize ventilation with an open window, fan and air purifier, as recommended by the CDC.

By working together we can hopefully merge back into a semblance of normal life. 


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